Oldest Work

The Dump
What Creates an Image?
Green Panorama
An Example of Alpha Channels
Dutch Shoes Mountain Cabin

Night Owl

Broken Shack
Swirls Through Caves and Logs Series
Between the Mountains Fall Water
Day Street Variations Evening Street Variations
Dual Crosses Bouncing Around
Gnarled Tree Trunk Maidens
Through the Pines Railroad Tracks
Red Sails in the Sunset Red Sails in the Sunset Variations
Moon-Tide Blue on Blue on Blue
The Red Towel Lonely Tree
Waterfall Panorama In The Mist
On-Point Gnarled Tree Trunk in Color
Junkyard U.S.A Across the Valley
Foaming Water Water Greens Exploding
Sky Mission Outside Sky Mission
A long Climb Home Side by Side
After the Storm Cool Swirling
Lonely Shack Three Sets of Foot Prints
Over the Baughs Yellow Aspens
Ancient World Autumn Water
Falls Through the Leaves Gentle Falls
Modern Archaeology 1 Modern Archaeology 2
Blue Ice Inverted Inside Ghost Cabin
Red and Cyan Red and White


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