Twilight Vivid Orange
We Three Leaf and Sand
Open Gorge A Variety of Dripping Water
Churning Water Water and Weeds Variation # 1
The Windows Yellow Flowers
Riots of Color The Windmill
Shaded Shack The Falls
The Final Sanctuary Looking Out
The Glow The Tower
Blue Ice at Dawn Yellow Lights
Lonely Shack in Monotone Within a Mask
Miner's Cabin Rainbow Falls Variation
New York, New York from the Outside In New York, New York
Over the Barn The Old Bed
Inside-Outside Once Upon a Time
Bayou's Sunset Plantation Dream
Falls Among the Greenery Nesting
Swamp Sunset Water Laurels v.1
On the Rocks Long Falls
Always a Shadow Rising Mist Falls
Deep Background Hurtling Up
Underwater Mixing Desert Image
The Foot Bridge Autumn Water 2
Boarded Window Broken
Gliding Falls Under the Branch
Ferns and Water Ferns
Alligator Family A Beautiful Belly
Desert Wind Troupe
Belly Dancer
Desert Wind Troupe
Belly Dancer and Drummer
Off Into Space Smoking
Relaxing Relaxing
Mirror Mirror Mirror Mirror v1
Standing on the Corner Door Knocker
Reality Pond Scum 1
Pond Scum 2 Pond Scum 3


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by Paula Sanders 2001-2009