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These photos of the Colonial Musters were taken in Massachusetts from 1972 through 1975. See a small article I wrote giving some background information.

Load the Canons From 1775-1975
Loading a Canon Friends
Freedom Climbing the Greased Pole
Playing the Fife Playing a Fife
Young Drummer Discussion
Walking with Pride Hands
Frontiersman Canon Fire
Canon Fire 2 Big Drums
Marching to the Fife Marching to the Fife 2
Standing Alone Standing at Attention
Les Hebert Asleep
Mommy and Me The Preacher
Canon Fire An Artisan
Reading Playing the Fife
British 10th Regiment (William) Robert Dawes of Paul Revere's Group
British Coming to Capture Paul Revere British Coming to Capture Paul Revere
British Coming to Capture Paul Revere Marching Through the Woods
Portrait of a Soldier Shooting
Shooting at a Target Portrait
Portrait Portrait
Crewel Work Family
Using a Drawing Knife Four on a Fence
Little Girl Hungry
About Face 2 Girls Playing
An Artisan Carding
A Soldier A Musical Evening
Playing the Bagpipes Playing the Bagpipes
Together My Doll
Colonial Fashion Show Relaxing
Colonial Fashion Show Colonial Fashion Show
Embroidering Embroidering
Colonial Fashion Show Pumping the Bellows
An Artisan Acton Fife and Drum
10th Regiment 10th Regiment
Embroidering In the Field
Getting Ready Checkers
Carding Up High
Priming the Canon Native American
Fixing the Drums Playing the Fife
A Lady The Popcorn Tastes Good
Mother and Daughter Making Bullets
Sailors By the Side of the Road
Paul Revere's Ride After Paul Revere
A Long Day The Cobbler
Making Music Prisoner
Guarding the Prisoner President Ford

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