The home of Paula Sanders and her work

When I first put up my web site many years ago, I mainly did one type of art work on the computer - work I called Multi-Image Synthesis since I combined, blended, and transformed my photographs and drawings into one image. As the years continued, I began to play around with many different types of programs so my art work on the computer is very varied now. My main medium of choice is the computer; however, I have also combined my output from the computer with other types of art media for a very eclectic type of work.

I started doing photography in 1969. My photographs have been shown in New York City and appeared in books and magazines. As official photographer for various 1975 Bicentennial Commissions, my photographs have traveled throughout New England.

I started using the computer about  twenty five years ago. When I decided to experiment with my photographs on the computer, since I already had a PC, it was natural for me to use it.  At the time, few people were using a  PC for graphics; thus, I began to review graphic software for the major companies as it related to the PC. As a result, I experienced the evolution of many programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Fractal Design Painter, etc. In addition, I have taught and written about photography and the computer for many years. Graphic software companies such as Adobe, Andromeda, and Right Hemisphere, etc. have asked me to write comments on their products for their web sites as well as reproduce my independent reviews. At present, I do my own art work. I have shown at various exhibitions, as well as won awards in shows. In1998 I won an award from The National Headache Foundation for my work entitled "A Migraine #1". I, also, write articles for publications and have finished a book in the form of a CD which my husband I have worked on for about ten years starting with a Smithsonian Grant. It's called "Fur, Feathers, and Fabric" and is a socio-economic, political study of the Dress and Adornment of the Native Americans formerly indigenous to the Southeastern part of the U.S.

I have a BA in Sociology-Anthropology with a minor in English. I have an MS in Early Childhood Education and taught it both at the College level and Elementary school level. I, also, taught English at the College level and English-as-a-Second-Language as well as did a stint in the field of business.

I hope to use this site as a teaching medium and a disseminator of information. I have written tutorials to answer readers' needs and I enjoy answering questions; so, please don't hesitate to contact me. There are so many sites on the Net that one can get easily lost. I hope some of my art, articles, reviews, and tutorials can act as creative inspiration.

I can be contacted at: